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Skills of Counsellor

Skills of Counsellor

The pattern of sessions has a predictable rhythm with an introduction, information gathering, discussion and a conclusion.

Active listening- happens when Counsellor "listen for meaning". The listener says very little but conveys much interest. The listener only speaks to find out if a statement (or two or twenty) has been correctly heard and understood.

Body language- takes into account our facial expressions, angle of our body,proximity of ourself to another, placement of arms and legs, and so much more.Notice how much can be expressed by raising and lowering your eyebrows. Counsellor need to monitor the tone of their voice - in the same way that they monitor their body language. Remember, the person may not remember what was said, but they will remember how Counsellor made them feel.

An open question- Open question is one that is used in order to gathering lots of information can be asked it with the intent of getting a long answer. A closed question is one used to gather specific information,it can normally be answered with either a single word or a short phrase.

Paraphrasing- Paraphrasing is when, restate what the speaker said. Often different worksare used and the listener may be using this to draw attention to a particular concern or aspect. Sometimes paraphrasing is used to clarify.

Summarizing- is focusing on the main points of a presentation or conversation in order to highlight them. Notetaking is the practice of writing down pieces of information, often in an shorthand and messy manner. The listener needs to be discreet and not disturbthe flow of thought, speech or body language of the speaker.

Homework: When the person identifies a need or concern, she or he must be assign the homework. And it needs hard work to make or design it effectively.

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