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Asana is third step of yoga ( in  ashtang  yoga) after Yama and Niyam. Asanas   are slow stretching activity in which holding a body posture brings stability of body and poise to mind.

Asanas are categorized under three types such as

  1. Cultural Asanas- For body fitness.
  2. Meditative and Relaxation Asanas- For improving mental activities.
  3. Therapeutic Asanas- For curing various health problems.

Here are some common ASANAS-

  1. Vajra Asana (Rock Sitting)- In the asana, we sit with flexed legs while  hands are over knees and back straight . Body is resting over the ankles.


  1. Controls Obesity.
  2. Improves leg muscules and shapens legs.
  3. It is a meditative pose to perform various pranayams.
  4.  Cures gastric problems flat foot and arthritis.
  1.  Trikon Asana (Triangular Pose)- Feet apart, try to touch opposite hand to foot while other hand is raised up and look upward.


  1. Reduces obesity.
  2. Improves trunk and legs flexibility.
  3. Cures acidity, Neck Spondylitis, Lordosis and Scoliosis.


  1. Ardha Matsyendrasana-   In crossed leg sitting, one leg is placed over the other so that the foot touches the opposite hip joint whereas hand supports the spine while looking back.


  1. Controls weight and obesity.
  2. Shapes the body.
  3. Improves spinal flexibility.
  4. Back and abdominal muscles ae strengthened and toned up.
  5. Increase the glandular functioning.
  6. Cures diabetes and arthritis, kyphosis, lordosis,  scoliosis and bow legs.
  1. Hal Asana (Plough Pose)-

From lying position start raising the legs so that they touch the surface behind the head.


  1. Controls obesity.
  2. Back and shoulder muscles are improved.
  3. Cures gastric and digestive problems.
  4. Neck muscles gain strength.
  5. Cure back pain.
  6. Improves eyesight.






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