- Ashish Pandey

Consultant Counselor / Co-Founder

I Have been working as a consultant counsellor, I started my journey as a career counsellor, where I targeted school students who are unaware of various career options available for them. I am specialized in Career Guidance, Psychometric Assessment based on MBTI, Stress Management, Anger Management, Frustration Management & Depression. I am showing the right career path by traditional believes and thoughts along with innovative and creative ideas. A pathfinder for all. Being a Life Coach I will be your problem solver and an adviser for all problems come to your way of success. I also love to help people who are suffering in their relationships and in their personal life.

I am working in the field of mental health for students, professionals and the general public. I am conducting workshops, seminars, camps and group sessions in schools, colleges, corporates, residential societies and public places. With the help of a career assessment tool, I am helping school students and working professionals in identifying the right career, their skills and abilities, personality and interest. I also help students with scheduling and diet assistance. There are many psychological issues which students are facing now a day. I am working on their emotional intelligence to make them a better person.

- Divya Gupta

Clinical Psychologist / Founder

I'm practising clinical psychologist & Counselor from last 3 years. Presently I'm working with a Neurophysician Clinic. there I get to meet with different psychological issues & make a diagnosis of their mental health problems. I have worked with an NGO named TEARS, working with the children with special needs. There I used some psychometric tests to measure their IQ levels to make better learning plans according to their special needs. I have done an internship at the Institute of Mental Health & Hospital (IMHH), Agra, also I have got training of Cognitive Drill Therapy, an innovative therapy for OCD & Phobia. I believe in continuous learning. I'm very passionate for working in the field of psychology, psychological wellness & emotional wellness as well as overall wellness & growth of a person and society, I want to work with persons with different psychological issues. I'm treating with some patients with phobia & OCD through CDT therapy. While working with these patients, I realized that these patients suffer silently to the deeper levels of their being. They loosed their self-confidence, They do not open up easily before their friends and well-wishers.

- Dr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Mentor / Homeopathic Consultant

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra who is a well known and established doctor of Homeopathy. He completed his B.H.M.S. from the world known institute of India, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata, in 2000. Kolkata is also known as the motherland of homoeopathy in India. He has also successfully completed his M.D.degree in ‘Repertory’ from the National Institute of homoeopathy, which is acknowledged as the Mecca of Homoeopathy in India. Homoeopathic treatment is cheap and cost-effective whatever it may be. Careful case taking is the most important part of the duty of a learned Homoeopathic doctor. Medicines are not much costly but a total number of medicines with its different potencies in a full-fledged Homoeopathic pharmacy may range from seven to ten thousand. However, benefits yielded by a unit of Homoeopathic system of treatment will be invaluable when compared to the other approaches Our Purpose: To improve public health in accordance with the Homoeopathic principles. To maintain the honour and dignity and to uphold and safeguard the interests of the Homoeopathic profession. To promote and advance the science of Homoeopathy. To advance and extend the principles and practice of Homeopathy. 

- Shashank Shukla

Motivational Speaker / Life Coach

You need not to worry about any of problems related to my concerned section
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- Kiran Shukla

Child Counselor / Psychologist

Currently Working as a School Counselor/Health & Wellness Teacher in Airforce School.Guiding Students and Children for their upliftment. she has been working on learning disabilities, behavior,problem among child, counduct Disorder, IQ, Emotion and psychological Assessment of kids and adolescents.

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- Sakshi singh

Career Counselor

I am currently pursuing PhD in Dept. of Moleculer & Human Genetics, Banaras Hindu University, Varansi. i have experience in career counselling, teaching, research consultant an also the mentor in bioclues.org . 

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- Chhavi Jain

Clinical Psychologist