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what is Self Defeating Personality

what is Self Defeating Personality

 ‘‘Life is tough enough without making things even more difficult’’

Some people choose people and situations that lead to disappointment, failure or mistreatments even when better option are clearly available. Rejects opportunities for pleasure or is reluctant to acknowledge enjoying himself or herself (despite having adequate social skills and the capacity for pleasure).Such individuals are called masochistic personality or term we may use self-defeating personality.

Although, Masochists often exhibits features of other personality disorders. The resulting moods and actions that these individuals manifest give a different coloration to the basic masochistic pattern that makes them similar to.

Variants of Masochistic Personality-

  1. The SelfUndoing Masochist-

From the outside, such persons seems gratified by misfortune, failure or humiliation, preferring instead of be disgraced, victimized or even ruined. Driven by a ‘’success neurosis’’. They experience favourable outcomes as producing anxiety and guilt, not pleasure and happiness.

  1. The Possessive Masochist-

Possessive masochists give constantly of themselves. However, they are unable to let go their attachments. Instead, they become self-sacrificing that others are unable to withdraw from them without feeling incredibly cruel. Possessive masochists intrudes into the daily affair of their children, spouses, friends and peers meddling in activities, romance, occupation etc.

  1. Oppressed Masochists-

Oppressed masochists mope around complaining of their terrible condition but the end by saying ‘’But don’t let my suffering make you worry about me. Do what is best for you’’. Hypochondriacal manipulations may come to the fore when no other method of gaining love and dependence seems available.

  1. The Virtuous Masochists-

Virtuous masochists are proudly unselfish and self- sacrificial, self- denial, asceticism and stoic tolerance of a diversity are seen as noble and righteous, a sign of purity and saintliness, the glorification of misery.


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