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overcoming hesitation

overcoming hesitation

Humans have a great power that is they can imagine. We can think or imagine those things which are not even in real existence. Imaginative  power is a very good thing but it creates one problem and that problem is “we hesitate”. Why? We hesitate because we start thinking what if I am not able to do it, which we really want to do.

Sometimes our teacher ask us if we have any questions, we want to ask but we start thinking that what if people will laugh at my question. We will be considered as fools.

In the same way , when we want to build a relationship or want to get connected with someone, we get hesitate that what if the other person reject me or don’t even reply or may scold .

                The most differentiate power that is the power of imagination is  also our biggest enemy which leads to the thing called “hesitation.”


How to deal with your hesitation?

  1. Identify what you are afraid of :

         Whenever you get hesitate in doing something which you want to do, firstly ask yourself that what is that thing of which you are afraid of. Go in depth and detail out your fear. Try to identify the root cause of your fear.


  1. Identify  your experience when you face your fears :

Try to identify what feelings or experiences you are having that you don’t want during you face such situation. Question yourself that whether you are experiencing fear, shame, disappointment, self-demotivated, self- denial, unhappiness, rejection etc.


  1. Identify how to make this experience into a positive experience :

        Try to find that what else or alternative you can do to transform this negative emotions into a positive one. What affirmations I can give to myself so that I can face my fears.


We block our thoughts in our mind only most of the time. They can’t come into actions. We hesitate not because something is happening in real, but we create the negative outcome in our mind beforehand.

Face your fears, don’t expect the positive outcome rather focus in trying your level best and improving each day.



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