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Gender Inequality Cure the Cause

Gender Inequality Cure the Cause

There are so many campaigns aiming at gender equality but I have never seen anyone focusing to the prime cause of this issue.

I personally feel..there will be no need to force people to stop female foeticide and discrimination between male and female child once we identify and work into the roots of this problem.

We need to understand why people prefer to have male child over female. It’s only then we can bring the change in the society in a genuine way.

My very own observation of people of varying socio-economic status made me to conclude that everyone loves to have a daughter the only problem is the traditions and mindset of society according to which a daughter has to leave her parent’s home after marriage which is acceptable but the bitter part is when the general mindset does not allow a daughter to take care and support her parents like a son.

The families who are financially sound to take care of their oldage expenses don’t discriminate much between son and daughter but those with limited resources are forced to nurture their son in a better way than their daughters. This kind of gender discrimination can be clearly seen in villages n low socio-economic status groups.A lighter reflection of the same issue can be seen everywhere.

A family with no son and only daughters can best understand this scenario,when the daughters are not allowed to support and take care of their parents the way a son does after getting married.It’s because our society has created such mindset that parents should not take any favour from son-in-law .Some older social sayings quoted “beti k ghar ka paani bhi na piyo”

You can easily understand why every couple would wish to have atleast one son to secure their old age needs.

So all we need to do is to change this general mindset of society. I am sure that it will make this country a happier place to live in.


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