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What is Courage

What is Courage

The term ‘courage’ refers to a willingness for a risk taking and movement forward in existence of difficulties or tough time.

Courage is an intrinsic life force that permit us to recognize the objectives or goals of the general goodness as we seek our own actualization.

a) Courage is not the absence of despair, it is rather the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair. b)Courage is a response to danger, despair or fear. Fear is central to courage.

c) Courage is a response to courage to exist. courage has many allied characters that allows us to evaluate risk, acquire skills and solve problems. An evaluative attitude is therefore necessary for true courage.

d) cognitively courage is a construct closely related to confidence.

e) The role of courage is the manifestation of the gift, of the holy spirit by which courage gets the resources of making us confident of escaping each and every danger.
In this sense, we are participating in the relationship with God that grants courage as a part of the agape love.

Resource-“What is courage”by Julia Yang,Alan Milliren and Marx Blagen

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