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Types Of Abuse

Types Of Abuse

There are different types of abuse,it can be physical, sexual, psychological, verbal, emotional and mental, financial an spiritual.


Physical abuse is the use of physical force against someone, in a way that injures or endangers that person. Domestic abuse rarely starts at physical assault.

Examples of physical abuse include: Punching, hitting, Spitting, Kicking, Strangling, Restraining, Burning, Scalding Stabbing, Head butting Biting, Nipping Squeezing, Shoving, Suffocating, Pushing, Grabbing, Choking Throwing, Breaking bones Using weapons, Poisoning Throwing things, Force feeding, Attempts to kill Reckless driving, Pulling hair, Murder.


Any situation in which someone is forced to participate in unwanted, unsafe or degrading sexual activity, even when it’s with a partner the person is also having consensual sex is sexual abuse.

Examples of sexual abuse include: Rape (forced penetration) Sexual assault (vaginal, anal or oral) Sexual assault using objects; sex toys, broken glass, bottles, etc. Forcing sex in ways that hurt, or following a physical beating Forcing sex with others, Forcing sex in front of others etc.

Psychological violence

Psychological includes verbal, emotional and mental abuse. The abuse can use both verbal and non-verbal communication. The impact of psychological abuse is often deeper and longer lasting than physical abuse.

Examples of this kind of abuse include:

a)Name calling
b) Constant insults
c)Shaming and humiliating her in public, with put-downs disguised as jokes.
d) Nasty, hurtful sarcasm
e) Only engaging in conversation with her when he decides the time is right.
f) Silences and sulking for days
g) Blocking and diverting his/her if she/he wants to say something.
h)She/ He decides what subjects can and cannot be discussed.
i) Trivialising and minimising anything s/he says and making it.
j) Twisting and turning every situation around so it’s always his/her fault .
K) Screaming and shouting at her/his in private or public.
l) Criticism or constantly correcting everything she says or does.
m) Refusing to listen to anything ,s/he has to say .
n) Not allowing her to voice, her opinion or have an opinion of her own.
O) Denial – pretending he/she hasn’t said or done something .
p) Laughing or making fun of his/her inappropriately.
q) Leaving nasty messages (texts, voicemail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
r)Accusing her of unfaithfulness, not trying hard enough or purposely doing something to annoy.
s) Blaming his/her for his failures.

Emotional / Mental

Emotional and mental abuse is often subtle and in some cases victims don’t recognise they are being abused. This kind of abuse will wear victims down, often over a long period of time, until they take responsibility for their abuser’s actions and behaviour towards them, or simply accept it.


In addition to hurting victims emotionally and physically, perpetrators may also hurt them financially.  

Examples of economic or financial abuse include:

a) Controlling all the finances.
b) Not allowing her to see any bank statements, bills, or any financial transactions.
c)Putting all the bills in his/ her name then not paying them destroying his/her credit or chance to set up his /her own bank account if s/he leaves.
d) Withholding money or credit cards.
e) Not allowing her to have her own bank account.
f) Not paying bills and spending the money on himself (alcohol, gambling, trips out, treats for himself).
g)Giving her/his an allowance which is not sufficient to buy what she/he needs.
h) Making her account for every penny she/he spends and inspecting.


Spiritual abuse can be hard to detect, especially if you are not knowledgeable in that particular religion, culture, beliefs and traditions. Examples of this include:

a) Using her religious or spiritual beliefs to manipulate his/her.
b) Preventing from practising religious or spiritual beliefs.
c) Ridiculing religious or spiritual beliefs.
d) Using religious teachings or cultural tradition as an excuse for violence.
e) Denying access to ceremonies, places of worship, land or family.
f) Forcing her to do things against her beliefs.
g) Forced marriage
h) Threats to harm or kill in the name of ‘honour’
i) Female genital mutilation.

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