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Time management

Time management

Time is an important resource and is extremely crucial for every person. We all perform various activities daily and to perform all these activities and tasks, we need time and energy. Energy conservation and work simplification requires evaluating how we carry out our daily tasks and deciding if there is a simpler, less taxing way to accomplish that task. 

Now-a-days, due to change in lifestyle, our demands and responsibility at home and workplace have increased. To manage all activities in a limited time is a big problem.

"Time management  means  doing  maximum  work in minimum  time."


Here are  some skills to manage your time and reduce stress-

a)Know how you spend  your time-

Keeping a time log is a helpful way to determine how you are using your time. Start by recording what you are doing for 15 minutes intervals for a week or two.  Ask  if you did everything that was needed, determine which tasks require the most time.

Determine the time of day when you are more productive and analyze where most of your time is devoted to job, family,personal, recreation etc.

B. Developing a daily time plan-


Developing a daily time plan is important for classifying the activities in flexible and non flexible.  The flexible activities include going to market for grocery shopping as the timing and day for shopping can be changed whereas non flexible activities include going to work as the time and day for doing to work cannot be fiddled with. 

Tools of time management-

There are various tools involved in management of time. It is very important to consider them while managing time. They provide the basis of management. These are-

There should be a perfect balance between work,rest and entertainment. It is essential to have a rest period for efficient and untiring work. Rest period can be used as under:

  1. One can relax during a rest period. One gets a test if mental work is followed by physical work. The person should rest only when he is fatigued, otherwise it would lead to decrease in work efficiency.

  2. One can entertain oneself during rest periods like watching TV,  listening to music, reading newspapers or magazines, meeting friends etc.

  3. One feels relaxed and enjoys it after doing work of his/her interest during a rest.

Peak Load- 

Important work should be undertaken on priority during peak load period. The time plan should be prepared in such a way that the workload is equally distributed for each day.

Work Simplification Techniques-

1.Change in hand and body movements. 

2.Change  in stores and placement of equipment and supplies. 

3. change in workplace change in product and use of new products.

But simplification is the performance of tasks in the simplest, easiest and quickest way possible to save time and energy. It implies both time and energy management. In fact time and energy goes side by side in that is automatically saved when we save time.


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