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Do We Think Always In Right Way?

Do We Think Always In Right Way?


1.Core Beliefs

2.Intermediate beliefs

3.Irrational beliefs.


Core beliefs are a person’s most  central ideas about themselves, others,and the world. The beliefs act like a lens through which every situation and life experience is seen.

As a person has new experiences,their core beliefs may gradually change. However,some experiences have a greater impact on others,information that supports core beliefs is easily integrated, making the beliefs stronger. Information that does not support a belief tends to be ignored.

For example-

The world is—----

I am—-----

Life is—---

All core beliefs are not negative

Negative core beliefs

1. Helpless core beliefs

I’m weak

I am vulnerable.

I am a victim.

I am needy.

I am out of control.

I am a failure.

I am a loser.

I am not good enough.

2. Unlovable core Beliefs

I'm unlikeable

I am unwanted

I am unattractive

I am not good

I am bound to be alone.

I am bound to be rejected.

3.  Worthless core beliefs-

I am worthless.

I am unacceptable.

I am bad.

I am dangerous.

I am toxic

I am evil.

About the world

The world is not fair.

The future is hopeless

Life is too hard.

About  other people

  • People only care about themselves.
  • People I Love will always end up leaving me.
  • It's not safe to trust other people.

In between our core core beliefs and our thoughts and behaviours there's another called rules and assumptions which are also knowen as intermediate beliefs. Because it falls between our core beliefs, our thoughts and behaviors.We can imagine the core beliefs,rules and assumptions and thoughts and behaviors as a tree.


I should—-

I must—



For example-

Rules-  I must always keep myself safe ,I Shouldn't take any risks.


If I am not careful,then I’ll get hurt.

If I don’t  take any risks,then I’ll stay safe.





Downward Arrow techniques

situation( automatic thoughts) 

If this is true,what does this thought say or mean about Me?

The world and how it works?

For example-

Statement- If your friend is not responding to the call.

If this is true,what does it say or mean about me,the world or other people?

They probably don't like me.

If this is true,what does it say or mean about me?

I don't know how to talk to people.

If this is true…………

I will never have any friends.

If this is…………….

I am unlikeable

If this—---

Irrational Beliefs-

Irrational beliefs are negative sets of responses we hold habitually,when faced with stressful events or situations,that no longer work to keep distress at bay. It is also the ideas,feelings,beliefs,way of thinking,attitudes,values etc with which we were raised.

Beliefs as:

  • To be worthwhile as a person I must achieve,succeed at whatever I do and make no mistakes.
  • Indeed love and approval from those significant to me and I must avoid disapproval from any source.
  • Things must be the way I want them to be,otherwise life will be unbearable.




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