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Skills to improve your personality

Skills to improve your personality

Although there are so many training courses to develop skills to improve personality with assertiveness or being positive. But the point is that being assertive is not so easy. For improving personality, being assertive is like a key quality for a person. When we develop skills to be assertive then our personality will improve. That's why we need to improve our assertiveness skills. 

Yes, assertiveness is a skill to improve or develop personality. We can say assertiveness is a process, skill and also a way of behaving. Assertiveness is a key quality in all positivity and building relationships.

Let's have a look at skills to improve your personality.

a) Self-Esteem-

High level of self-esteem has now become a necessary requirement of today's modern life. Today's profession and daily life require cooperation, equality and  respect. The admiration of your own worth and importance.

B) The confidence boosting-

 Confidence and self-esteem are interlinked. Believing in yourself can improve your self- confidence. Accepting flaws and nourishing quality is very important.  Think in the right way and express in the right way.

C) Accept winning  and losing-

Our way of thinking and perceptions influence our behaviour. These can be centred around positive and negative interpretations about life. The interpretation of situations develops our attitude towards life.  Developed losing perception of life like 'I am not as good as other people are'. 'I can't do anything properly'. These kinds of thoughts result in a non-assertive personality.

D) Attitude towards problem-solving

There are various ways to solve the  problem. With assertiveness many times 'surrender'  kind of attitude upon time can solve the problem itself.

Four steps can be followed PFNC


The problem, expression about feeling, what is the need of the situation and what the consequences will be.

E) Mnemonic  LASSIE

L for listening to their point of view. 

A for acknowledging  what they say.

S for saying what you honestly  think and feel.

S for saying what you would like to  happen. 

I indicate what the differences  are.

E for exploring win-win solutions. 

F) Overcoming Shyness

To make yourself more confident, comfortable and assertive. Train your mind to imagine positively about yourself, use affirmation sentences to make yourself confident and assertive.


These key points can  help to develop their skills to improve personality.


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