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Mental Related Terms

Mental Related Terms

MIND   :  is continuous flow of unnecessary thoughts. It means movement of accumulated memory through five senses into present life. Unnecessary interference of Past into Present. According to Indian vedic philosophy, this happens around  60000 per day  maximum of them negative repetitive, so they cause mental problems.If not a single thought is new from yesterday then no creativity and  thoughts come as evil. Meditation is useful when we just pay attention to these messy thoughts.They calm down momentum slowed and we can understand  their origin and with that  they end = NO MIND STATE = MEDITATION

THOUGHT : As mentioned above it is unnecessary movement of memory ,past Into present life which is an obstacle ,disturbs , waste a lot our time and energy. It becomes as a barrier of our positive thoughts.

THINKING-  "We think only when we need."It's not unnecessary movement. It is "ACTION"  which uses memory(mind/thought) as TOOL.

SELF : It is one's interests, personal feelings , reactions to others (one's friend , husband, son ..) etc  Called as " PERSONALITY ."  But when it seperate from others society feels Previlaged,special .It becomes "EGO." 

FEELING-  is response of hear.Heart responding to beauty, injustice violence, evil, ugliness, etc. which is natural . "

EMOTIONS- are feelings I think more reaction oriented to something like   angry, irritation etc.



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