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How to become a good communicator

How to become a good communicator

Many times facing the audience  and being a good communicator  become great challenges. For being a good communicator one needs to learn the skills of effective communication.  Great communicators connect with their listeners and to connect well with listeners one needs to know the target audience and must have a command on the subject on what to share. 

Some of the qualities of skills of a good communicator are:

Knowledge of the matter-

One cannot communicate what one does not know. The communicator should have adequate knowledge about the subject matter, his audience and their moods, problems, objectives of learning and constraints which they face.He should have knowledge of the culture of the audience and the content in which communication is taking place. He should constantly update his knowledge by reading,discussing with experts, attending seminars/ workshops, internet browsing etc.

Positive Attitude-

Attitude refers to the feelings and predispositions of people toward certain issues. A positive attitude helps in ensuring effectiveness of communication.  The communicator should have confidence in himself, his capability, knowledge and skills. He/she should believe in the message, should find it useful in which the audience would be interested. The communicator should have the orientation towards the receiver and the linking for them.  The attitude towards the subject and audience can make the difference between success and failure of the presentation.

Good Posture-

It refers to how a communicator holds himself while speaking. Posture should not be stiff and formal but upright and communicate alertness and energy. 

Eye  Contact-

Communicator should move his gaze around the room bravely at all parts of the audience and never there at the audience.

Facial Expressions-

There are three hundred muscles in the face with which hundreds of expressions are possible -anger,fear,frustration,happiness etc. Be natural and spontaneous. One should have the right facial expression which synchronizes to the content of communication.


The communicator should be able to speak at the required volume. If he is  inaudible, the audience will not be able to understand anything and be bored. For a larger audience voice amplification should be used. 


It is the relative highness or lowness of the voice. If the vocal cords vibrate rapidly it is high pitch, if slowly then it is low pitch. 

There should be variation in pitch for interest, emphasis and according to the message. 

Communicator credibility-

It is the degree of trustworthiness of the communicator as perceived by the audience. It plays a significant role in communication. Credibility depends on several factors such as age and education of the communicator, experience command over content and manner of the speech, confidence assertiveness etc.

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