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How to Avoid Procrastination

How to Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is something which we deal in day to day life. Nobody wants to avoid their task or activity but still we do and keep postponing our task. So what we can do to avoid procrastination. Here are few things which you can do to avoid procrastination.

First of all figure out reason why do we procrastinate. As we know everything has its specific reason and not it down. Notice your pattern of thinking at that time. Try to turn that that thinking into productive statements. As here our attitude matters a lot. So we need productive statements. Once you identify reasons replacement of that thoughts with empowering alternatives.

Like most of the time when we feel avoidance what we ask is “I have to “It forces you to do task which you don’t want to do. This triggers your emotion and you start feeling like boredom or pressure which gives outcome to task avoidance and lack of interest.

So replace this attitude or thought with “I choose to” or “I will”. Our attitude has always have a positive impact on our mind set and thinking pattern. So when we do something based on our choice, we feel inspired and do that task.

“I choose to start this task with small imperfect step”. It’s not necessary to take perfect step. Nothing is perfect, just avoid perfectionism and give priority to initiation no matter what so ever be the step. These positive statements impacts more on our thought process.

We start thinking on future of task like – How will this task end, what will be the outcome, what will be the results, too much to do, how I can do this. To overcome with this it is important to stick on present, what is to be done in present because that is in our hand? Initially starting of task is more important.

Let’s take an example if you ae planning to write a book, but it consist of pages, and pages make that book complete. If you see that book as a whole, you won’t be able to complete that book, but when you see that pages, and initially the contents on that pages, it will ease your process.

Few things to be done:-

Divide your task into phases as in steps, if still it seems to be tough then break it into smaller tasks and focus on single phase only, once done then move to other phase.
Change your work environment or place of study which inspires you. Don’t be on a similar place. Change it gradually.
After breaking your work or subject into phases, create a timeline with specific deadlines with certain date and time. List must have call to action and reward points. Along with rewards self-appreciation is equally important. Or have someone to inspire you. Remember one thing there is no one better than self-motivation which comes from inside.

Avoid negative statements or attitude like “I just need to do” “It should already be done” I have to finish this”.

Stop all the notifications and cut all distractions.

Don’t wait for perfect time, there is never a perfect time. Don’t feel like you are perfect. There is no perfectionism. Practice and learning makes you better.

Don’t put high hopes as your work is important for others also.

Focus on gaining knowledge and give your 100% efforts and dedicated smart work, result will always be good.   So don’t take pressure of work. Follow no.1

Stop thinking about the way things should be. As situations are not in your control but outcomes can be controlled by you. Don’t put guilt or blame, that I cannot do this task, I may not be the right one to do this task or achieve that goal…

Don’t jump to conclusions or assumptions, keep faith on your potential and talent, your skills

Focus on comparing an ideal reality with your current bad feelings.

Focus and imagine on how you will feel when you complete your task.

“Success is not the end of your task, it is the progress that leads you to your next level. “

Make your task a fun, rather than feeling like trapped. Have leisure and relaxation time in between your task. Small breaks are required after every 30 minutes, which will refresh you. These short breaks are very important.

Also make a list of few most important thing you need to accomplish tomorrow, then prioritize those tasks, it will help you in time management and effective management of tasks. Prioritizing of task is very important. But be flexible with time.

“Procrastination comes when we lose sight of our goal”

Stress free mind performs better and productive. Reframe your thoughts, replace it with positive words as mentioned above, which will change your feelings and attitude towards task. When it becomes your habit, you will be able to reprogram your thoughts. Sooner or later it will become your habitual pattern.

Here is Self-Questionnaire or Self Talk which will help you deal with your avoidance.

Self-talk sometimes is a better tool

Q.1 What do I want to avoid? Identify the consequences of not doing so?

Q.2 What do I want to gain? Get a clear image of what will you achieve, benefits?

Q.3 What is your first step or initiative.

Repeat these questions every time you move towards your goal.

Thanks for reading this article. In the next blog will cover how to come up with lack of concentration and focus.At the end of the article I would like to thanks “Kain Ramsey” Sir for guiding me to understand thought pattern.

Source:- Google, Wikihow, CBSE, and other reference books.


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