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Effective Communication: how to improve Communication skills

Effective Communication: how to improve Communication skills

Effective communication doesn't come easily to you, but by practicing assertiveness like assertive body language, steady eye contact without staring, smiling when pleased and many more. It would come in habits and will be part of communication skills.

So, here are some of the key techniques that you can apply to make all your communication skills more assertive.

a) Own your communication-

It is very easy to say things to others without realising completely what can be the effect of that, so words are very powerful to make you feel a certain way.

Before you speak or say something THINK twice.

T- Is it true?

H- Is it helpful?

I-Is it inspiring?

N-Is it necessary?

K- Is it kind?

(b) Try to describe rather than judge-

Judging others with labels is a trick that our ego teaches us when we are young. Instead of judging someone,  we need to use honest and accurate communication devoid of judgement. 

c) Manage conflict with assertiveness-

Assertiveness is the best way to manage conflicts. Conflict can arise in relationships,job place over differences of opinion by avoiding communication style as by ignoring someone's advice nagging,prying,questioning anyone's choice,offering unwanted advice, we can manage conflict between our personal and professional relationships.

(E)Asking  for time-

Effective communication asking for time is an assertive technique that can be useful in two ways. Firstly,it avoids you putting others down with a flat NO. Second,it avoids saying an automatic "YES" to other people's requests and conditions and so appears to be an easy communicator.

Nagging-"Haven't you finished yet?"

Prying- " I'm not being nosey. But that wasn't your husband. I saw you last night, didn't?

Lecturing- "That's not the way to do it, stupid over and let me show you."

By practising  these kinds of techniques communication  skills will be improved. 

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