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Emotional Barriers In Problem Solving

Emotional Barriers In Problem Solving

Dear friends 

Today we discuss emotional blocks. Firstly let's  start with understanding this term ‘emotional blocks.’


Emotional blocks are a kind of barrier where we feel that the thing makes a hurdle to problem solving accurately. Emotional blocks can vary in type and intensity from person to person. It is very essential to find out those emotional blocks and eliminate them before it will become our personality weakness.

A) Fear of making mistakes or looking foolish-

This is a very common emotional block because it affects most of us and is difficult to overcome. It's well known that no one likes being laughed at and ridiculed,so we gradually learn to fear making mistakes and to avoid suggesting ideas in fear of being unlistened or being ignored. 

      B) Impatience- 

           Being impatient to solve a problem can be due to a wish or desire to succeed quickly or to eliminate the discomfortness or loss caused by the problem. Being impatient is an affective emotional block which can come across two major consequences-

1. We tend to grab the first solution which comes along without adequate analysis of the problem.

2.We evaluate ideas too fast,almost instinctively rejecting unusual ideas.

C) Avoiding anxiety- 

This is a very common emotional block. Anxiety is a general reaction in many situations. Most  of us are more sensitive to anxiety and also find it more unpleasant than others. Many factors can cause anxiety, including high risk, disorder and ambiguity, long-term stress and fear of our security. The effects on problem solving include avoiding risks,indecision in situations which are not ‘’black and white’’,and excessive reliance on others’ judgment.

D) Lack of Challenge-

 This can come when the problem is routine or the benefits/losses are not significant to us. Consequently is that either we don’t handle the problem or we look it like easiest,quickest route to solution. 


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