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Emotional Development in Children

Emotional Development in Children

  There are some hidden,reasons for behavioral changes during early childhood. Their activities,behaviors give clues as to why they are reacting like that. Which emotional situation is caused by that?

Though the development takes place continuously but the speed is slow in early childhood in comparison with the previous stage of babyhood. Till 2 years of age, all the emotions emerged but during early childhood, these emotions appear in different situations and their expression is also different. To some extent the child learns to control emotions also.

Main Emotions-

Fear- It is a negative emotion. Children do not want to face these emotions; they try  to avoid fearful  situations. It is shown that their self-confidence becomes low and less intelligent children are more fearful than intelligent are. There are some causes that have been found behind it.


 1.Strict discipline in school and home.

 2.Unpleasant experiences like being bitten by a dog or any other animals etc. 

3.When they see that their family members are scared of any object or person, they also start getting afraid of that. 

Feeling of insecurity. 

4.Imaginary fear  like thief, darkness, ghosts etc.


1.They start crying, trembling and trying to avoid the situation. 

2.Heartbeat and blood pressure increases 

3.Face becomes pale, they tend to hide behind their mother or start  calling them.

How to control?

1.Parents should not frighten the children unnecessarily. 

2.Try to project the person and situation in such a positive way that slowly the child will start accepting it. 

3.Try to remove the feeling of insecurity. 

4.They should feel that they are loved and cared for by their parents, don't make fun of them before others. 

5.Don't exercise strict discipline.

Anger- It appears very frequently.


1.When desires are not fulfilled. 

2.When hindrance is created in their activities or play. 

3.Hunger and fatigue.

 4.When teased, scolded or insulting before others 

5.When not adjusted in friend’s group they become quarrelsome 

6.When they feel they are not getting their due.


1.They become aggressive,cry and quarrel with friends. 

2.They shout and throw things.

3.Lie down on the floor and show temper tantrums.

4. Leave food and put blame on others.

How to control?

It is very harmful for the body. Parents should create a healthy and congenial atmosphere at home. 

Parents' own behavior should be exemplary before children because they imitate their parents. Never interfere in their affairs unnecessarily 

1.Don't insult them before others but should be tackled with love and care. 

2.Don't exercise strict discipline otherwise they will become obstinate and rebellious. 

3.Have a sympathetic attitude: if parents cannot provide anything which they demand, they should convince them lovingly. 

4.Try to divert their attention towards other things which are interesting.


Jealousy is also due to anger. It starts between  1 ½  to 2 years of age.


1.When the parents' attention is towards other siblings.

 2.When he is compared with other children.

3.When other children get more facilities and possessions.

4.Inferiority complex or any physical deformity.

5.When they lack self confidence.


Expresses directly or indirectly but vocally

 1.Tries to hurt that person or child, pushes pinches that child.

2.Tries to pull down that child before the other person. 

3.It is shown that girls are more  jealous than boys.

How to control?

1.Parents and teachers should try to give equal importance to all children 

2.Never compare a child with others. 

3.If a younger sibling is awaited, the elder one should be mentally prepared to welcome the new one. 

4.try to divert their attention towards interesting activities like music, dance painting etc. 

5.Child should be made to feel that he is special to them even if he experiences failure in any task he is loved by them .


It is an imaginary fear. As the child grows it also grows.

Causes- Two main causes of anxiety are:


Strict discipline and scoldings by parents.

Adjustment with siblings and following the norms of family.


Completing homework.

Adjustment with friends.

Getting early to reach school.


They become silent,sometimes irritable.

They even wet the bed at night

They bite their nails sometimes.

Become uncooperative.

How to control?

Parents should treat them lovingly.

They should have a sympathetic attitude towards them.

Help them with homework and tasks.

Encourage them to adopt good social skills for their better adjustment.


It is a positive emotion. It  starts from the 10th month. First of all, it shows affection towards his parents, then for people who take care of them.  Children  start showing affection towards other children, pets at home at the age of 4 to 5 years. They also show affection towards teachers also.


They express their feelings orally or physically.

They try to remain in the company of the person they love.

They smile when they see them and laugh with them.

They listen to them and obey.


It is also a positive emotion. It starts from the 3rd month after birth. The children express it in 3rd or 4th year.


  1. When their desire is fulfilled.

  2. When they are successful

  3.When they get recognition and praise.

  4. When loved by parents.


  1. Laugh freely and claos

   2.Jump with joy and make noise.

   3.Runs towards the person  and hugs him.


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