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Effective Communication :Skills to improve social communication

Effective Communication :Skills to improve social communication

Social communication skills is the application to improve the way of  behaving socially.  Many times we lose our confidence in front of any group or in meetings. Social confidence and communication skills need to be effective for building and extending social relationships. 


So, here are some of the ways to develop social effective communication-

a) Attend different age groups functions- Prepare yourself to communicate with different age groups. Many time we meet someone whom we don't know, perhaps at a social function then we need to start with common  format to use like- ‘’I guess we are meeting first time or start common conversation about the function.’’

b) Show interest during conversation-

If someone is willing to keep a conversation going with you, then show interest in conversation. The best conversation openers are those which open up a flow of information.

c) Active Listening- 

For  being an effective communicator, active listening is also very important. Moving a conversation on with it shows that you’re listening actively to others. Active listening with empathy makes yourself more attractive to others.

d) Avoid Controversy-

In the flow of conversation,the conversation turns to a controversial issue. It would be good that you do not take a stand until you hear the other person’s point of view.

e) Present yourself assertively-

To be a more effective communicator, assertive techniques of self presentation will be useful. Tell about yourself assertively and confidently. Don’t underestimate yourself or don’t hesitate to present yourself as real you are.


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