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Dealing with Procrastination by REBT Approach

Dealing with Procrastination by REBT Approach

The very first question may come in your mind that
What is procrastination?
Procrastination is the action of unnecessarily and voluntarily delaying or postponing something despite knowing that there will be negative consequences for doing so. 
In REBT Procrastination is seen like  ignorant or avoidant behaviour at 'C'.  It means on the framework of A B C the step 'C' is avoidant. So when therapists start assessing a person's Procrastination problem,  needs to help the client  to imagine and encountering the 'A' (action) that he/she is avoiding and to predict the major emotional 'C'(consequences). There can be most probability that people who procrastinate would experience the full range of unhealthy negative or irrational thoughts,emotions.
According to Albert Ellis-  "When a person anticipates experiencing anxiety if he/she is encountered rather than avoided  his/her 'A'.  People  who procrastinate tend  to adhere to a philosophy of low frustration  tolerance  and this is manifest in  two major  ways-
First, They tend to avoid  experiencing  discomfort, particularly associated with the  tasks that do not want to do,but which is in their own judged  best interests to do.Second, they tend to be intolerant  of experiencing  emotional  disturbance, and rather  than working  it through, they often  choose  to procrastinate  and there avoid experiencing the  disturbance". So, it is important for  the therapist to  bear in mind one point  that if she/he tackles  the secondary  problems  first then she/ he may unwittingly  reinforce the  client's procrastination  by putting  off dealing with this primary problem  in favor of  dealing  with the  secondary  problems.
Resource- by Windy Dryden( journal of REBT and CBT)

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