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Career in Mass Communication

Career in Mass Communication

Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. This involves various areas of works like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news items.

Electronic (Audio/Visual) Journalism
Print Journalism includes newspapers, magazines and journals. In print journalism one can work as editors, reporters, columnists, correspondents etc.

Electronic journalism includes working for Radio, Television and the Web. In the web, skilled people are required to maintain sites by web newspapers (which cater only to the web and do not have print editions) and popular newspapers and magazines who have their own web editions.


NEWSPAPERS: The newspapers never really fade away. Even when everything has gone digital, literally, the spread of literacy and modern printing technology ensure that newspapers continue to shape opinions in the global village of today. The career options available are as follows:

1. ASSOCIATE EDITOR: An associate editor needs to direct the preparation of a section of the newspaper or magazine. Preparation of news, featured articles and critical reviews, planning the layout and assigning the reporters and photographers is the job.

Requirements: one needs to be aware and have the ability to write, edit and question constructively.

2. SUB EDITOR: It needs you to sort the contents of the material to be printed, rewriting the articles to make them suitable for the paper, improving the language and giving appropriate and attractive headlines.

3. EDITOR: He is the key head who ensures consistency and continuity of the newspaper or magazine. The job of the editor is to present the newspaper in an attractive manner and assure that it is highly utilitarian. It also includes appointing juniors, writing the editorial section and leading the team.

4. PROOF READER: A proof reader compares the proofs with the edited copy. It involves completing the final text accurately.

5. REPORTER: It is the job of a key operator of a newspaper, magazine, news agency, radio or a TV channel which requires one to report with speed, clarity and accuracy.

6. CORRESPONDENT/ SPECIAL REPORTER: It requires detailed knowledge in a single field like politics, economics, sports etc; along with the ability to interpret and explain the news on the basis of the awareness.

7. WRITER: It involves choosing subjects and themes, conducting researches and assembling materials to write. There are also Feature writers who write detailed stories and commentaries on specific topics; and Leader writers, who express their ideas and views on news topics through editorial columns.


RESEARCHERS: They do all the work for the channel or the site

PRODUCTION WORKERS: Requires good organizational skills, ability to work independently, confidence to deal with crisis situations and sensitivity

FLOOR MANAGERS: Requires good communication skills, leadership qualities to guide and instruct others.

TRANSMISSION EXECUTIVES: Requires knowledge of the art of public relations, good levels of concentration and dedication

REPORTERS: They are the primary source of news. To be a reporter one requires a good communication skill and ability to search and elaborate on all that is important.

SOUND TECHNICIANS: It requires creativity, communication skills, a sense of sound effects and technical knowledge.

CAMERA WORKERS: Requires artistic sense, technical knowledge, ability to work in difficult situations and adaptability

PRESENTERS: Requires good communication skills, skilled command over speech, diction and language, general knowledge, intelligence, the ability to be articulate and composed in stressful conditions and a good quality of expression


The internet is fast emerging into an influential medium which promises updated news content at no cost. The news has to be made sharp and interesting. Editing, presentations, attractive captions are necessary and key facts have to be mentioned.

Area of working

A journalist has to cover stories/features on various aspects of life i.e. political, financial , leisure, crime, sports, entertainment, spiritual, educational , infrastructure, technological , medical, and so on. Not to forget, along with the newspapers , there has been an increase in the number of magazines too. Specialised magazines are available in the field of fashion, beauty, family, for youth, travel, medical, technological , lifestyle, education, sports, etc. They can be in many languages. Some of the work opportunities are in the areas of advertising agencies; educational institutes , magazines, news papers, portals/websites of publications , publishing houses, radio channels as well as television channels

Skills required
The skills that required in the candidate for the admission in these courses are alertness, investigative mind, tolerate of difficult situation, English language proficiency, good communication skill, enthusiasm, confidence, patience, view on fact and fiction in-depth knowledge in culture and current affair. one should have an curious mind, will power, an aptitude for presenting information in a precise, concise and effective manner. He/she should also be able to arrange thoughts and express them clearly in both forms of communications- written as well as oral.

Moreover, a journalist has to be diplomatic, confident and structured while interviewing the public and celebrities. Journalists must have the skill of filtering relevant facts from the irrelevant ones. The capability of accepting criticism and keenness to do considerable rewriting are also crucial in this profession

Indian institute of mass communication (IIMC) is a government institute under Ministry of information and broadcasting (MIC) conducts entrance exam for diploma and PG diploma courses.

Saraswati Music College (est. 1924),

A-1/226, safdarjung enclave, New Delhi-110029

Ph: 26105611, 26167922

Fax: 26194545

Email: katharsys_saraswati@yahoo.com

Website: www.saraswatimusiccollege.org


Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)

JNU new campus,Aruna Asif Ali Marg,

New Delhi - 110067, India

Phone: 91-011-26741268, 26742920/60

Fax: 91-011-26741268

E-mail: pbapaiah@yahoo.com



AJK Mass Communication Research Centre

Jamia Millia Islamia University

Maulana Mohammed Ali Jauhar Marg

New Delhi -110 025

Phone: +91 11 2698 7285, +91 11 2698 6812, +91 11 2698 6813

Fax: +91 11 2698 6811

Email: contact@ajkmcrc.org

Website: www.ajkmcrc.org


National Institute for Media Studies (NIMS)

Courses: MA / BA in Mass Communication, PG & Bsc in Visual Communication & Fine Arts

Upper Level, Panchdhara Complex,

Nr. GNFC Towers, S.G. Highway,

Ahmedabad 380 054

Phone: 079 - 26855701 / 26855702

Email: info@nifms.edu.in

Website: www.nifms.edu.in

National Institutes of advertising, New Delhi

NiA Campus

9, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road

New Delhi-110003

Phone: 91- 11- 656 564 90/91/92, 9871565565

Email: admissions@niaindia.org

Website: www.niaindia.org


Amity School of Journalism & Communication,

New Delhi

Contact information:

Amity Campus, Sector 44

Noida- 201303.

Phone: 26569050, 2653047

Website: www.amity.edu


Asian Academy of Film & Television

Contact Information: Marwah Studios Complex

FC-14/15, Film City, Sector-16A


Uttar PradeshPhone: 95120-2515254, 2515255, 2515256.

Fax: 95120-2515246.

E-mail: help@aaft.com

Website: www.aaft.com


Wigan & Leigh College,New Delhi


Ansal Tower,

38, Nehru Place ,

New Delhi 110019

Phone No: 011-41617053/4/5/6, 9818479333

Email: delhi@wiganindia.org

Website: www.wiganindia.org


Sardar Patel College of Communication & Management,New Delhi

Kasturba Gandhi Marg,

New Delhi-110001

Phone: 23389942

Website: : www.bvbdelhi.org


Times School of Journalism

Times Centre for Media Studies,

10 Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110002


University of Delhi

University Road, Delhi 110 00

Phone South Campus: 011-24119832

Phone North Campus: 011-2766709, 27667011, 27667190

Fax: 011-27667049

Website: www.du.ac.in


Academy 18 networks Ltd

Studio 18, India Pvt. Ltd,8,

Balaji Estate,

Guru Ravi Das Marg, Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019

Ph 26225901-06


EMPI Institute of Advertising & Communication

CSKM Educational,

complex, Satbari, Mehrauli

New Delhi -110030,Phone: 26805090, 26804210



Indira Gandhi National Open University

Maidan Garhi, New Delhi

Phone: 2685924- 25-27



Kamla Nehru College, DU

(W),Khel Gaon Marg,

New Delhi-110017

Phone: 26494881, 26490061

YMCA Centre for Mass Media

Jai Singh Road, New Delhi-110001

Telephone: 0091-11-23361915, 3746668

Fax: 0091-11-23746035

E-mail: ymcand@del3.vsnl.net.in

Website: www.newdelhiymca.org


South Delhi Polytechnic for Women

Lajpat Nagar- IV, New Delhi - 110024

Phones (Office): 26294833, 26294836, 26482298

Fax No. : 011-26474425




Sir Aurobindo Institute Of Mass Communication

Sir Aurobindo Marg, Near IIT,New Delhi 110016,

Phone: 26524798, 26567863


The Advertising Academy

Contact Information:

BE-303, Ist Floor,Hari Nagar,

New Delhi 110064,

Phone: 25136068


International Institute Of Mass Media,

International Institute of Mass Media B-50,

South Extension – I,New Delhi - 110049

Phone: 011-2465 4512, 2465 4514, 2462 6660

Fax: 011-2462 6670

E-mail: coordinator@iimmdelhi.com

Website: www.iimmdelhi.com


Institute of Mass Communication, Manipal

Press Corner,Manipal – 576 104(Karnataka)

Phone: 91 820 2571901/03

Fax: +91 820 2571902



Social Media

Contact Us

    • Address: Naveen Nagar, Kakadeo, Near Swaraj India School, Kanpur, U.P.

    • Phone: 8808-6222-28 / 95659-222-28

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