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Career in Computer Science

Career in Computer Science

Career in Computer Engineering
Government of India Major IT Organizations such as Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), National Informatics Centre (NIC), Education and Research Network (ERNET India), Haryana State Govt. owned' Haryana State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (HARTRON) and Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), SAIL, BHEL, NPCC,

The academic criterion of Computer Science & Engineering is divided into three courses/programmers as follows:

Diploma courses leading to the polytechnic diploma of 3 years duration.

UG courses leading to the B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree of 4 years duration.
PG courses leading to the M.Tech (Master of Technology) degree of 2 years duration.
Beside these, it is one of the broad research fields leading to the PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree.

All Courses of computer science & engineering are listed here:
Diploma in Computer Science and Technology
Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Engineering
Master of Engineering (ME/M.Tech) in Computer Engineering
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Networking
Master of Philosophy (M.Phill) in Computer Science and Engineering
Specialization (Sub-disciplines)

Computer Science & Engineering has the expanded filed in order to the specialization.
Computer architecture and organization
Database systems
Operating systems
Foundations of Computer Systems
Java Programming and Website Design
E-Commerce & ERP and Multimedia Applications
Eligibility Criteria

Am I eligible to apply?

Here we have mentioned the basic eligibility of various diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses:
After the completion of 10th standard, you are only eligible to enter the diploma courses.
Once you have done the 12th standard you are fully eligible to choose the UG (B.Tech) programme.
For entering in Computer Science & Engineering, either in diploma or UG, mathematics & science are the compulsory and has to be in qualifying examination.

For entering in PG (M.Tech) programme, B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering is must.

Some entrance tests for B.Tech & M.Tech courses are listed here:
JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) Main
JEE (Joint Entrance Exam)Advance
GATE (Graduation Aptitude Test for Engineering)
BVP CET (Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University Common Entrance Test)
BCECE (Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination)
UPSEE(Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination)

Here we have listed some top colleges to pursue courses in the field of computer science & engineering:
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur
National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy
National Institute of Technology (NIT), Surathkal
National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) Indian Institute of management , Bengaluru
MISB Bocconi, Mumbai
SP Jain School Of Global Management, Mumbai
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
Indian Institute Of Management, Ranchi
Institute of Management  Technology, Ghaziabad
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon
Praxis Business School, Kolkata and Bengaluru
Aegis School of business, Mumbai
Bridge School of Management, Gurgaon Noida and Bengaluru

Jobs & Career

“There are ample of job opportunities in the field of Computer Science & Engineering”.

After the completion of your degree in Computer Science & Engineering, you can work in the field of database management, embedded systems, IT, telecommunication, multimedia, computer hardware & software implementation, computer hardware & software maintenance, gaming, web designing and other related industries.
It is a broad field to work in private and government sector as well.

Some job titles are listed here:
Computer Programmer
System Designer
Software Developer
Engineering Support Specialist
Academic Research Editor
E-Commerce Specialist
Data Warehouse Analyst
Software Engineer

Here are some reputed firms which require the computer science engineers whenever:
Sun Microsystems
Tech Mahindra
Mahindra Satyam

New Emerging Field in Computer Science

Data Science and Analytics
A data scientist is one who can ‘read’ these stories from patterned and pointers for taking decision based on the ‘data’ – for example, which websites should be chosen for an advertisement to reach maximum customers, which molecule best combats an illness, which flavor of ready-made noodles is most likely to succeed, which cities hold the most potential customers for a travel company and so on.

Areas of Work
Let’s take a look at the leading industries that thrive on data analysis
Healthcare-Hospitals store data of patients and the treatment provided to them. Pathology lab store data of test conducted and their detailed results. Clinic trials of new drugs generate thousands of data points of individual reactins of specific molecules.

 Match Doctors and Patients-Online doctors are becoming more and more accessible. Companies like Sherpaa, MD live, Teladoc, First stop health and Raingadoc provide consultations with doctors over the phone or the internet.

 Clinical Trials and Drug Discovery- Data analytics is used in predictive modelling to sort through thousands of possible molecules to arrive at the most likely candidates for drug research.

Management and Advertising- Who is likely to buy exercise equipment this month? What sites do they value recommendations of friends or video testimonials from users of the product? Where do they hang out for fun- what social networking sites do they frequent, what malls do they visit? How much do they spend are they brand-conscious?

Data can help answer these questions for a whole horde of potential buyers and zero in on those most likely to buy a product at given location and time and reach out specifically to them.

Stock Treading- buying and selling of shares is based largely on the share price that the buyer or seller expects the next day. That is something data can predict. Data science work with past trends and uncover patterns that can be applied to the current market.

Human Resources- it all starts with resume screening Google, for instance, which receives over a million resume a year, considers GPAs a useless metric to use for shortlisting. Past performance, key skills, the use of some keywords, years of experience and other demographic data turn out to be far stronger predictors. Analytics software is highly suited to use these predictors to sift out the best resume.

There are different types of application software according to particular needs.

Electronic media, e.g. Web browser and media player
Data management, e.g. Spreadsheet and personal database
Documentation, e.g. word processing, DT
Finance, e.g. banking software, clearing software
Entertainment, e.g. video game, PC games, Mobile games
Education, e.g. Classroom management
Media, e.g. Animation, graphic art
Simulation, e.g. scientific, aero planes, space simulators etc.
Business, e.g. budgeting, sales analysis.
Create a self-business, alternate source of earning in house reskilling.

Most of the IT users are in banking, healthcare cloud based services
Mobile computing, cloud computing, Machine learning, Computer vision, Digital Marketing.

Software related job- Manufacturing, Development, Programing, Software testing, DBMS, Software engineer, Information system manager, network system & Data Analysis.

After obtaining a degree in CSE, you can expect handsome salary packages in government as well as private sector.
IT sector is the higher salary provider sector. A fresher can get the initial package of 2 lakh per annum to 3 lakh per annum in India. In abroad, he can get the salary in six figures.
After gaining a minimum of 2 years’ experience you can get the salary just double of it.

SOURCE : - Google & Various Education Books

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