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Career In Geography

Career In Geography

Cartography - Geographers who specialize in this make maps, charts, globes and models 

Survey - Geographers can specialize in surveying, either by joining the Survey of India or state Survey Departments or Private organizations. Surveyors map the surface of the earth through mathematical observations and field work.

Urban and Regional Planning - (Qualification required: Geography graduates or post graduates) this specialization is concerned with planning, housing and development projects with respect to their location and utilization of available land-space. There are degree courses available in this stream.

Town Planning - (Qualification required: Post Graduates in geography) They are employed by public and private organizations engaged in Urban planning and design and by NGOS involved in rural development projects. Many universities are offering Diploma courses in the specialized field of Town Planning.

Drafter: Drafters associate closely with engineers and architectures, as their work involves planning, housing and development projects in terms of their location and utilization of space.


GIS Specialist: GIS specialist collects, orders and does research on the data collected by the GIS.


Remote Sensing - Studies of quickly changing phenomena such as floods, draught and forest fires, etc. Remote sensing satellites provide a variety of information about the earth's surface

Depending on their area of specialization, geographers may be employed as forest managers or in agricultural or economic institutes or as demographers in government and research organizations. A geography background is also an asset for careers in travel and tourism, particularly for travel Journalism. Geography also helps in competitive examinations and general knowledge papers.


Many Government and non-government institutes along with research centers offers several career options for qualified geographers with numerous specializations. Some of the specialized areas are

    Economic Geography: Economic geography is the study of geographic location, distribution and spatial organization of economic activities. Economic geographers analysis economic problem in terms of space, place and scale. 
   Cultural Geography: Cultural geography focus on analyzing the cultural phenomenon which includes the study language, religion, economy and much more.
   Political Geography: Political geography is about the political process in relation with spatial structures and it studies the relationship between the government and people, trades and treaties, political power, boundaries and policies etc.
   Historical Geography: Historical geography deals with all the physical, fictional, theoretical geographies of the past. It also includes how the people intermingled with the environment and created the cultural features
   Tourism Geography: Tourism geography is the study of travel and how the environment and its features help in the tourism aspects of a specified area. 
   Transportation Geography: Transportation geography can be considered as a branch of economic geography which explores the spatial interaction or movement of goods, information and people.  
   Regional Geography: Regional geography examines the exclusive characteristics of both the nature and human of a region.
   Medical Geography: Also known as the health geography, medical geography is the research on health and spread of diseases in the world. It also looks into how climate effect human's health. 
   Geomorphology: It is the scientific study of landforms and the processes that shape them. 
   Hydrology: Hydrology explores the water resources and water cycle. Chemical hydrology, ecohydrology, hydrogeology, hydroinformatics, Isotope hydrology, Hydrometeorology, and Surface hydrology are the branches of hydrology.
   Glaciology: One of the major areas of polar research, Glaciology is the study of different forms of ice which also includes the history and future of glaciers. 
   Biogeography: It is all about the study of bio diversity of an area. The biogeographer learns about the harmony of life and it's surroundings. 
   Climatology: It deals with the study of weather conditions of the nation.


Other areas of specialisations are Pedology, Palaeogeography, Coastal geography, Oceanography, Quaternary science, Landscape ecology, Geomatics, Environmental geography etc. 

Depending on their area of specialization, geographers may be employed as forest managers or in agricultural or economic institutes or as Demographers in government and research organizations. Central government agencies may employ geographers for mapping, intelligence work and remote sensing interpretation. State and local governments employ geographers on planning and development commissions. They also join in NGOs and other developmental agencies engaged in population studies, rural development and environmental issues. Urban planning, transportation planning, travel/tourism planning, solid-waste disposal systems, emergency services and social services are other options. 

Those with masters and Ph.D. degree can choose the field of teaching. A geography background is an asset for careers in travel and tourism, particularly for travel Journalism. Text book and map publishers, travel agencies, manufacturing firms, real estate developers and insurance, communication and transportation companies employ geographers. Those with additional training in economics, sociology, urban planning etc along with geography have a wider range of job opportunities and can work in many other fields.  


Courses after: 
12th standard: B.A./BSc (Geography) Eligibility: 10+2 pass. Duration: 3 years. Centres: Reputed colleges in India. 

after Graduation: 

  • M.Sc (Geography) Eligibility: BA/BSc. Duration: 2 years. Centres: Reputed colleges and Universities in India
  • M.Sc. Geo Informatics Eligibility: B.A./B.Sc Geography Duration: 2 years. Centre: Osmania University Hyderabad www.osmania.ac.in
  • Ph.D (Geography) Eligibility: M.Sc/M.A. Geography Duration: 2 years. Centers: Reputed Universities in India
  • Ph.D. Geo Magnetism Eligibility: M.Sc/M.A. Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG), Navi Mumbai www.iigm.res.in
  • P.G Certified course in Geo-informatics & Remote Sensing Duration: 6 months Centre: Institute of Geo-informatics & Remote Sensing, Kolkata http://www.igrs-gis.com
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Geographical Cartography Osmania University, Hyderabad www.osmania.ac.in
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science Punjab University, www.puchd.ac.in

Distance courses: 

Geography - a study of great scope 
During school and college days most of the students would like the subject Geography. Searching for a known country, state, district, river, mountain and desert on a map are the happiest moments for students. 

During school and college days most of the students like to study the subject Geography, searching for a known country, state, district, river, mountain and desert on a map. 
Curiosity and the desire to explore other countries, culture, language and economy are the main aspects of growth in geography. It is believed that only in 9th century A.D, the first map was developed. 
After usage of maps began in sea explorations and other important human activities, the division of Geography began to grow to a greater extent. Modern dimensions of geography are geographic information system, urban planning and meteorological science. 

Current situation 
In this industrial revolution era we need to examine the growth of Geography. Geography is used to analyse the things like unprecedented growth, constant growth, urbanization and meteorological issues. Thus, Geography has changed to a situation of analysation from the state of data's. 

Geography subject is taught as a part of social science or as an independent subject in school education system. A student, who did not take Geography as a subject in higher secondary level, can take Geography in UG level. 
If a student studied mathematics and biology in higher secondary level, it would be easy for him/her to understand about techniques of Geography in higher studies. 

Skills of good geographers 
* Ability to focus and speculate with help of datas and maps. 
* Computing skills. 
* Good analytical and research skills 
* Physically and mentally fit for fieldwork. 
* Passion for new inventions. 
* Good attentive skills 
* Good writing and verbal skills. 

Who provides job for Geographers? 
Government sector: 
Census office, Survey of India, Space application center, Urban and rural development departments, Metropolitan development corporation, Social and environmental research organizations and educational institutions are the areas in which job opportunities are available in Government sector. 
Private sector: 
In the private sector jobs are available urban development, Environment and infrastructure planning, real estate, special planning, GIS, Transportation and export - import departments. 


Geography Institutes/Universities

  • University of Delhi
  • University of Rajasthan
  • Institute of Geo-informatics & Remote Sensing
  • Jamia Millia islamia University
  • Amity University
  • Loyola College

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