We all have gone through the age when we were called Children and have also experienced the Phase called Childhood.

The word childhood means the state of being a child a human being is considered to be a child from Birth till the onset of puberty

We all interact with children in our everyday lives children are innocent, pure and play full, children are like potter’s clay. While childhood is a tender age, most protected time of life and most enjoyable phase in life

The future of a child built up on the basis of their childhood. It is the time when children learn what is right and what is wrong for them.

Every child is different form another child. In different culture there is a variation. These differences are seen between rural and urban areas between different communities and between different countries.

Child’s development is affected by family conditions, such as parental frequent fighting / quarrels, divorce, remarriage and parental employment.

In the modern society. In which we are living, learning outside the home begins early in life, even most of the parents start to educate the children as the child growing up. As Adults they fuel that they fairly understand the need of thein child and the child’s childhood.

A child always view the world through new and fresh eyes they are interested in learning and exploring while adults want them to learn only selectivity. Adults after force children to be the way they want them to be.

Somewhere Adults are responsible for making life difficult of their children by setting unroasted goal without even knowing the strength ability and wakens. And many parents try to live their dreams through their children

All these things that happen with the child affect thein, physical and psychological health.

Authoritarian parents are rigid in their rules. They want their children to abbey without any questioning they believe in physical punishment children raised with parenting style are often moody, unhappy and irritable.

If it continues without any expression of love they will become rebellious and antisocial parents should reinforcing the good behavior rather than focusing on the bad parents should never impose opinion on children give them a chance to choose things for themselves it can be related with study, clothes, toy and mare never ask your child to be like some noels Instead of scalding for making mistake explain them with love never compare your child with any other child.

The children who fool good about themselves seems to be more friendly and helpful towards poor on the other hand low – esteem is related to poor mental health, low academic achievement and delinquency.

A joyful childhood makes adulthood successful. Every child must be given the opportunity to enjoy his or her childhood to the fullest by their parents.

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