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Yoga For Sleep & Anxiety

Yoga For Sleep & Anxiety

Yoga & Pranayama is a science of mind body and soul. It connects you to self. Pranayama is an art of breathing. Yoga helps to get a good sleep with positive effect on the brain and the nervous system. Yoga allows better blood circulation in the brain which normalizes the sleep cycle. It balances the melatonin level responsible for better sleep. This will not only benefit you in sleep but also in anxiety and  stress management. 

Here are some yoga & pranayama for better sleep:- 

1. Bhramri Pranayama 

2. Alternative Nostril Breathing / Nadi Shodhan Pranayama

3. Padahastasana 

4. Dhanuraasan

5. Shashankaasan

6. Yog Nidra

7. Savasan

8. 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

9. Balasana


Mindfulness, Physical Activities and managing stressing conditions will keep your sleep hygiene. Do yoga and pranayama under expert supervision.


Source :- BooKs, Swami Ramdev Videos, and other blogs

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