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So, I was in a conversation with my friend about how much time we are wasting these days scrolling through social media and not doing anything productive apart from sharing the CO2 with the plants. And yes, we both were not alone on this one. Since the pandemic, many of us have very less to do. A lot of us are doing great too, but I am talking about those who are actually not doing anything apart from wasting their precious time and being honest, that includes me too. I told him that what we need is a change of habit or, habits to be precise. Waking up early and exercising was completely absent in our schedule and also, we were lacking the motivation to do so.


While the discussion was going on, he told me that he is not able to get that life changing moment, a moment which might change him from the inside, a moment which might make him realize that what is he doing, what he has done and what he should do. We all do need some life changing moment in our lives. Don’t we? A moment that will prove to be a life changing one. But here is something I realized…. What if the turning point comes with a high cost? What if you are not ready to pay that much?


There were times when I thought that too, that when will there be a life changing moment for me. But then I thought, what if the moment comes with a cost of losing someone dear to me. Maybe that would change me from deep within, maybe I will be able to realize everything on that exact moment, but at what cost will I win? Every time I tell people about not wasting time, I often say this line,


When someone who cares about you teaches you something, take the lesson and learn, because when time becomes the teacher, it doesn’t go easy on you.”



So instead of procrastinating your work, just do it. Instead of thinking of getting fit, just start exercising. Instead of thinking to wake up early, just wake up and start planning your day. Need to learn a skill? Start learning. Life starts changing once we get out of our comfort zones. We are often told that how can we tell someone to do something when we ourselves don’t do it, so let’s be honest, I too don’t have a schedule, a plan or a healthy habit, but I am willing to change with you, and so are you. I will start my journey with you 

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