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दांतों के लिए रामबाण है अमरूद

अमरूद सस्ता और औषधीय गुणों वाला फल है ये दंत रोगों में रामबाण साबित हुआ है, अमरूद के पत्ते को चबाने से दांतों का दर्द, पायरिया और दांतों सम्बन्धी अन्य रोग दूर होते हैं।

5 Worst Things You Can Order in a Restaurant

Most of the restaurants are known to have a specific specialty. These are dishes which they are known to cook really well and are very famous among customers. There is also a list of dishes we do not order in restaurants with specific cuisine. But the fact is that there is also a list of dishes you should never order from any restaurant. There are several health reasons hidden behind avoiding such foods.