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Psy. Divya Gupta

Counselling Psychologist

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Pious Vision, Kanpur


About Expert

Professional Statement

"Hii This is Psychologist Divya and I am a fully trained and qualified counsellor. I offer a private and safe environment where we can talk and explore emotional and physical feelings, thoughts and behaviours and when they occur. We can then identify Any patterns that may be helpful to change to give you a more positive outlook". 

My favourite part of being a mental health professional is the opportunity to directly improve the health and well-being of my patients and to develop professional relationships with them.

You can connect with me fearlessly 
I am here to support your worries and anxieties or any emotional and mental health issues.


Academic Details

PhD Research Scholar
Masters in Psychology
PG Diploma in Clinical Psychology


Best Student Of The Year Award 2017

Consultation Fee

Service - Visit Price
Depression Counselling Rs. 800
Anxiety Management Rs. 800
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Rs. 800
Relationship Counselling Rs. 800
Gender Dysphoria Gender Identity Issues Rs. 800
Emotional Wellness Rs. 800

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