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Psy. Ashish Pandey

CBT Practitioner, Certified Career Analyst

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Pious Vision, Kanpur


About Expert

Professional Statement

A knowledgeable and qualified Counselling Psychologist, specializing as a counsellor to provide psychological support to the community with a range of mental health issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. My approach is mainly cognitive behaviour therapy & client-specific therapy. I am providing counselling to professional, individual and group psychotherapy to those in need. Offering knowledge and training in mental health, and therapeutic interventions.

Summary: -

• Expertise in diagnosing, identifying, and treating various psychological conditions

• Expertise in collecting patient information through interviews, observations, tests and surveys.

• Ability to detect patterns that enables me to predict and understand behavior adeptness in creating and implementing patient treatment plans.

• Skill in creating programs that help address psychological issues in campuses and workplaces.

• Ability to generate, build and maintain professional client relationships


Academic Details

Ph.D. Psychology (Pursuing)
M.A. (Psychology)
PG Diploma in Diet & Nutrition

Consultation Fee

Service - Visit Price
Depression Counselling Rs. 700
Anxiety Management Rs. 700
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Rs. 700
Relationship Counselling Rs. 1500
Career Guidance Rs. 2000
Emotional Wellness Rs.700

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