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Dr Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Homeopathic Consultant

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Arya Nagar, Kanpur



About Expert

Professional Statement

Dr Sandeep Kumar Mishra is one of the renowned and best homoeopathic doctors in Kanpur. He operates his clinic by the name of The Homeopathy, One of the premier clinics and trustworthy for homoeopathic treatment in Kanpur. He did MD in Homeopathy from one the top homoeopathic colleges of India's national institute of homoeopathy Kolkata. *He has been recognised for his work not only in India but in many countries like Germany, Italy, the USA and many more countries. *He has presented many research papers at international conferences. He has cured more than 30,000 patients so far.

Patients coming to the clinic always go with satisfaction and with plenty of knowledge about various exercises as a remedy for their problem along with prevention.

He has received a five-star rating on behalf of the patient experience.

He strongly believes that Every patient experience is unique. 


Academic Details

MD Homeopathy


Honored and conferred by the NIH Kolkata Alumni the most prestigious exemplary award
Honored by International Mithila Parishad Kanpur for dedicated services to humanity
Honored By All India Intellectuals Society Kanpur Chapter as a Kanpur Ratan

Consultation Fee

Service - Visit Price
Depression Counselling Rs. 400
Anxiety Management Rs. 400
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Rs. 400
Psychological Issues Rs. 400
General Treatment Rs. 400

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Research & Publication

8 International Papers
12 National Papers