• 14 Jan 2023

Zero state of mind

If we think rationally we will find that for being successful or a failure or for attaining importance or peace of mind, our own thoughts are solely responsible. We always do whatever we possibly can, to sort out our external problems, but make very little or no effort to get rid of our confusions. The reason for this is that, those things we regard to be right is the only right thing all others are not. Whatever troubles we have to face are the creation of somebody else. We do not accept our mistake and several excuses for not being successful. We explain away all our mistakes or shortcomings to justify our failures.  

We harbor our misconceptions for a very long time only to enable ourselves to keep dreaming.  What do we gain by living in imaginary world of dreams when in reality our condition is worse than my miserable. How long are we going to carry on with the mask of falseness.

Zero State of Mind does not mean the lack of thoughts in the mind but its neutralness. The mind can never be free of thoughts. Just as the fulcrum of a weighing scale lies exactly in the middle i.e. on zero, similarly our mind also can have absolutely neutral thoughts. If we consider the negative and positive attitudes to be at different ends of the scale then the middle of the line joining two would be neutral – the position of zero, which is neither negative nor positive.

Those who believe more in positive thinking that is optimism, the more they get motivated. If you are excessively motivated then you are unable to think what is good for you and what is not because of which the possibility of doing something wrong and getting the wrong result as a consequences increases.

 From this principle of negative and positive thinking, you can understand that depression is exactly the opposite of motivation which can be overcome merely by changing your way of thinking. The zero state of mind teaches a person to be balanced with which he can remain normal and think about what is good for him and what is not.

For a zero state of mind it is necessary for us to control the restlessness of our mind  which happens due to three reasons. The reasons are inner conflicts, our habits of arriving at the conclusion and our inappropriate behavior. Till such time our mind is not at peace, we will not be free of thoughts.

A zero state of mind can be achieved in three steps:-

  1. Guarding against inner conflicts
  2.  Being non-judgmental
  3.  Practicing Pranayama

To stay free of mental tension and depression, a zero state of mind is extremely helpful, in this state only you can perform self-hypnosis which will allow you to program your subconscious mind to get rid of your mental problems.  Not only this, with the self hypnosis you can get the following benefits:-

  1. Make your will power stronger
  2.  Fight ailments
  3.  Make your dreams come alive
  4.  Make your thoughts pure
  5.  Weight loss
  6.  Conquer all your weakness
  7.  And get rid of all your phobias