What is Love

Can love be expressed in words? What is the difference between love and attraction?

Let's understand this.

Is love born from attraction?

Today's youth gives attraction, the name of love. But what is love in reality? Does this Love take birth with attraction? It is important to understand this.


In reality, love is such a feeling that words cannot be bound. We can only express the feelings or feelings of our love through words only 30% which is born from love or attraction. 70% cannot be made into words. Love is such a free sense of feelings which accepts one's merits and demerits equally without any condition.


It is not wrong to say that attraction is a form of love, but the attraction depends on the external element. As long as these elements are according to us, we are attracted and when these elements are not in accordance with our wishes, our attraction starts decreasing. The attraction is like a magnet, it is the speciality of the magnet that attracts the element. The person's own inner qualities are attracted to the same element as his. 


Love never decreases. Love always flows like pure water and always remains the same. Love doesn't have Expectations which is unconditional, that is true love. Love is not based on conditions. If love gets better for doing something good & reduces in doing something bad then this is not Love, this is just attraction. Sometimes you fall in love with someone just because of attraction


If you are fallen in love with someone just because of external beauty, then you should understand that this is an only attraction, not love. Love demands nothing from you. True love is only based on your internal beauty n not in external beauty. True love never changes by time. True love always stands by your side in your good times as well as hard times equally. It never changes. Love connects each other with emotions. It never changes due to a change in the behaviour of others. If it changes by the time understand that that is not true love but just attraction. 



Where there is a sense of freedom that is love. When you think of the development of your lover that is love. Love is a very beautiful feeling which can be better understood when you act. Love can be felt in actions.