1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of sexual abuse- Stay Alert, Stop Child Abuse.

The above numbers count on behalf of the “Small Voices, Big Dreams” survey, recently conducted by Child Fund International, capturing the views of 6,000 children across the globe, aged between 10 to 12 years.
Isn’t it a shame to us? Yes of course it is! But there is a little we can do- Most of us quote. The irony is that we take things lightly and tend to listen to such stories around us still believing that such incidents cannot happen to our kids.

Most Indian parents do not talk to their children about body safety due to two reasons: The society takes such talks as ‘stigmatic’ and the parents think kids are too young to be engaged in such talks.

Here are 10 tips which will help you as a parent, help your kid learn and be Safe:
1. Talk about private parts and name them

While teaching the child about body parts, also teach them about their private parts. Use proper names not ‘nicknames’ like ’down there’. Making your child aware about their parts will help them talk openly as well as create a strong ‘parent-child’ bond.

2. Tell them the private parts cannot be seen by others
Tell your child that only the parents can see them naked while dressing or bathing them. Tell them strictly that no one else should be allowed to touch them there or undress them to see them naked. Tell them to report any such incident to you asap.

3. Tell your child not to touch anyone’s private part
Tell your child pragmatically that they should not touch anyone else’s private parts no matter what. Tell them to report any such incident to you asap.

4. Teach your kids ‘The Abuser’s Trick’
Most perpetrators tend to influence kids in two ways: either they will ask the child to keep the sexual abuse a secret by offering sweets or toys or by frightening the child. Whatever the case is tell your child to report such incident to you asap.

5. Tell your child to be aware in front of camera
Tell your child that if someone tries to shoot a video or click a picture of their private part, move away to a safer place and inform you as soon as possible.

6. Teach your child the smartness to say ‘NO’
Tell your child to not be afraid or shy of anyone and whenever required say no to anyone who tries to get too close or touches them. Practice scenarios with your child at home to make them ready if any situation comes.

7. Teach them ways to stay safe when it is a family member
Many a time’s abusers are relatives. Tell your child that if they find any elder relative or a teenage cousin teasing them in a funny manner or trying to get personal, they need to leave the ‘scene’ giving an excuse. Tell them it is absolutely okay to leave in the middle of a gathering or a conversation.

8. Listen to your child the very first time they share something with you
It takes courage for a child to come and talk to the parents about abuse. They lose confidence once they are not heard properly. Show your child you listen and take proper actions in the initial stage itself to omit further opportunities for the abuser.

9. Teach ‘bad touch’ is not always bad
While teaching your kid about good and bad touch, it is equally important to teach them that private touches do not hurt until late. Tell them no matter how they feel, they should not allow anyone to touch them.

10. Talk to your child often about the above rules
Narrate these rules to your child and time and again ask them the same. Every time the child comes from school or play, ask them about their comfort or any situation that involved body touch.

Your alertness will lead to an alert child which in turn will lead to his safety everywhere!