How to develop Writing Skills In Children

What does ‘writing’ mean?
Learning to write is one of the toughest landmark in language learning. One of the reasons for this is that writing involve the use of multiple abilities and the same time .

‘Writing’ is a medium which can be used to express what has been spoken. Thus, writing does not represent a new language but simply A way of representing the same language.

Beginning to write-

1)Fine motor skills-
Before a child can learn to write , it is necessary for his/ him to develop fine motor skills( the ability to grasp). In order to encourage the development of these skills, children should be allowed to manipulate solid objects as they are fit. Holding, turning , twisting and playing with objects develops grasping ability in children.

2)Practicing letters ,words, sentences-

In Teaching children to write two things are importance- respecting children’s abilities and creating meaningful context in which they can learn. It is necessary to appreciate that fact that the child has an immense innate capacity to learn language. They learn their native language naturally through meaningful social experiences involving speaking and listening.

Developing writing skills in lower classes-

a) Picture composition- This involves presenting children with a picture( of objects, single events, multiple events etc.) and asking them to write about it. The may be asked to write a story to describe the picture, to write a dialogue between the characters, to fill in missing gap in the picture and write about it.

b) Developing stories from given outlines- Children can be given rough out lines of a story in the form of a series of words and phrases and then asked to build a story using these words and phrases.

c) Dictation- Speak aloud some words and ask the children to write them to see if they are able to link the spoken sounds to their written forms.


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