How to deal with kids

If any children do not get success or they do not perform well in their academics, we generally think that there is some lack of concentration, focus, or interest in the child. And due to this parents put more stress and pressure to the child. So not only in children but something lacks with parents also.

So firstly parents counselling is also required, the way they expect to their children is totally wrong.

The first thing that parents usually used to say to their children sees Mr Sharma’s son he became an engineer. See Mr Gupta's son he is so good in academics and ur sitting idle in-home that creates negativity in children.
If we do not allow our children to choose their career then how do we expect that they will get success?
Usually, from childhood, we get some signals that in which field they are good or interested.
So let them choose their own career and you will see they will definitely get success.

Now here comes, the second point, we used to example that we all have a child inside our heart, we should live like a kid, and how stress-free they are. But what happened now.
We are putting the stress of our own expectations and desires on to these kids. 

Now when we talk with kids, we found that they are pressurized by their parents to study and focus on academics, no extra activity, and no sports just a stressed and hectic schedule. They lost their happiness and kiddish activities. Earlier we used to call them stress buster, we love to play with them, their outdoor activities, their fun and masti. But all went away under pressure. 

Lack of these activities stops their mental growth. I really don't support home tuitions. They’re just status symbols for families. Students are not practising self-studies. They even won't get time for themselves. 

School activity, tuition activity and then school work. They are pissed up in this schedule. No time for relaxation and refreshment. No outdoor activity as well.

If they get a little bit time then they used to watch TV or play video games that are it. Parents need to focus and give some time to their kids and children. It will help and boost their confidence level. Treat them as a friend, not a factory of expectations. They should be involved in their studies as well. Try to teach them and help them in studies.

Students need personal attention instead of the professional attention of Tutors. I agree sometimes tutors are necessary but we should not be dependent on tutors.

Involve them in physical activities, outdoor games. Motivate them for a stress-free life. Don't force them for marks; boost them for good performance and to gain knowledge. Try to identify their capabilities and choose their career accordingly, and then see how the children are being developed, sharp and intelligent.


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