How to Control Thought Process

As we all know that our mind is full thoughts and memories. There is always a flow of memories keep going in our mind on to which we have no control. And most of us have gone through this feeling. Here the most important part is of thought process. We always have “n” number of thoughts going in our mind and we are trapped in these thoughts and constantly think about some subjects, either it be important or useless, but we are puzzled in these thoughts.

Just because we are trapped in these thoughts, we usually waste a lot of time in thinking that what we have to, where we are going in our career, what is good for me, what are my skills and abilities, what career suits me best, whether I am in love or not, what my boss think about me, what my parents do etc etc.

Now what we have to do is we have to learn and practice how we can control this thought flow. As we know when we are thinking about something, we assume that every thought comes to our mind is important but unable to stick on one. 

Now what we have to do is pick a single thought among all of thoughts running in our mind according to the priority of importance of that thought. That thought which is dominant. As we know our life is depend on what we think and do, so we have to stick on single thought. If we prioritize our thoughts accordingly then every act of our life will be prioritizing accordingly and we will start moving towards success. For this we need power of concentration, a full determined effort and strong will to achieve something. We act according to our thoughts usually. They are the base of our acts. It helps to find goals for our life. Stability of thought is very important to achieve something.

Though it’s impossible to stop thoughts but we can identify the most important single thought essential for us. Here ignorance matters a lot. Because you have to strongly ignore other thoughts to be focused on single one. Your passion is equally important for what you are going to act as per thoughts.

To achieve your aim, you have to set short targets for yourself, first achieve them and then aim for major goal. You should be obsessed to achieve that goal. And always set some reward points for achieving that short goals, and appreciate yourself, it will give you motivation to do better and in consistent way.

There is a saying “Thoughts alone are of no use till they are directed towards goal”. Achievement of goal is not possible without determination.

Determination comes only when you realize the need and necessity to achieve that goal or to take an initiative to do something in your life. Everything happens with reason.

Another saying “Need & Necessity is very important to set an aim & to achieve that aim, target & goals are necessary”.

 Identify your need what you want to be, why you want to be. Once you do this, focus on how you can do this. Justify yourself. Explore all the possible ways to achieve that goal. Set a path which suits you best after exploring all possible aspects and then lay the path of success and move towards it.

Strong determination should be followed by various research bout pathways which can be adapted to achieve your aim. Don’t take shortcuts for success, as it will not give stable and long lasting happy life.