- Divya Gupta

Clinical Psychologist / Founder

I'm practising clinical psychologist & Counselor from last 3 years. Presently I'm working with a Neurophysician Clinic. there I get to meet with different psychological issues & make a diagnosis of their mental health problems. I have worked with an NGO named TEARS, working with the children with special needs. There I used some psychometric tests to measure their IQ levels to make better learning plans according to their special needs. I have done an internship at the Institute of Mental Health & Hospital (IMHH), Agra, also I have got training of Cognitive Drill Therapy, an innovative therapy for OCD & Phobia. I believe in continuous learning. I'm very passionate for working in the field of psychology, psychological wellness & emotional wellness as well as overall wellness & growth of a person and society, I want to work with persons with different psychological issues. I'm treating with some patients with phobia & OCD through CDT therapy. While working with these patients, I realized that these patients suffer silently to the deeper levels of their being. They loosed their self-confidence, They do not open up easily before their friends and well-wishers.